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Nitrofly Linchpin Skydive Container Closing Tool

Nitrofly Linchpin Skydive Container Closing Tool

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Nitrofly Linchpin Skydive Container Closing Tool.

These come in different bar and cord colors and will be random when purchased online. 

Note: All Linchpins noted as S2 come with a white cord required for use when closing a Sigma tandem container. These can also be used on sport containers. But you shouldn't use a Linchpin with a colored-cord on a Sigma container because the material wears out the Sigma closing loop faster.

Nitrofly's innovative Linchpin Closing Tool keeps the cord locked on the bar in a non-slip channel as you slide it through each grommet. The cord on traditional closing tools slip off the back of the bar, frustrating you or your packer when on a fast call for the plane. But the Linchpin's non-slip channel keeps the cord locked in place during the closing process.

Manufactured with an ultra light 303 stainless steel bar and high tensile strength cord. The yellow and orange Linchpin cord is the strongest of all the available skydive container closing tools on the market at an 800-pound tensile strength with abrasion protectors in key locations. The white Linchpin cord, is the 450-pound CYPRES cord used with all other common packing tools and is the necessary cord to use if packing Sigma tandem rigs.

These Linchpins include the new comfort grip and protective sleeve, which makes the Linchpin bar the most comfortable packing tool to use as well as protects the powder coating finish.
Available in several different colors/configurations, featuring:

  • Powder-coated 303 Stainless Steel Bars (bar color listed first)
  • 800-pound tensile strength 17.5" colored cords (cord color listed 2nd);
  • or, S2 Sigma version with 450-pound tensile strength white cord (cord color listed 2nd)

The Linchpin is threaded through the closing loop and then threaded through each grommet as you close each flap. The Linchpin is also a great rigging tool for installing soft links, bumpers and similar projects.

The 17.5" length cord is the perfect length skydivers closing sport rigs. The 20" cord is the perfect length for closing Sigma tandem rigs. The Linchpin bar is 3.5" in length.

When not in use, many skydivers wear the Linchpin as a necklace!

Includes stickers from Nitrofly with every Linchpin.

How to use:

  • Put Linchpin through main container closing loop and place free end loop into channel.
  • Begin lacing Linchpin through your main container grommets. Be sure to follow your container manufacturer instructions on closing sequence. Pull tightly.
  • Once all the main container flaps are together and closing loop is visible, push the closing pin (located on your pilot chute bridle) through the closing loop and release pressure from the Linchpin allowing the main container to rest in its normal shape.
  • Slide Linchpin cord under the closing pin, remove free end loop from the Linchpin channel and slowly pull the cord out from the closing loop.
  • Make another jump and repeat.
  • At the end of the day of jumping, the point of the Linchpin can be used to poke a hole in your beer can to shotgun.
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