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Kroop's DZ II Goggles Black Clear

Kroop's DZ II Goggles Black Clear

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Kroop's updated design makes these goggles far and away, the best value in skydiving! The lens is flexible, scratch-resistant, and unbreakable. You'll be stoked with their NEW patent-pending cinch clip. It makes adjusting the tension (on and off) a simple 3-second task instead of a frustrating process. Best of all you'll love that the cord can be stowed neatly on the sides with the optional side clips instead of flapping in your face.

◦ Flexible / Form Fitting
◦ Scratch Resistant
◦ Ventilation Holes
◦ UV Protection (tinted only)

◦ 1/8" Bungee Cord
◦ Quick Cinch Clip

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