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Alti 2

Alti 2 Atlas II - Black

Alti 2 Atlas II - Black

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ATLAS II Visual Audible Skydiving Altimeter.

The ATLAS II is an electronic altimeter with a digital display that can be used as either an audible or visual altimeter.

The ATLAS II, the evolution of the famous menu-driven Alti-2 Neptune, is now available with the worldwide standard USB-C port for recharging every 4-8 weeks. The ATLAS II comes with a new button you can use even with gloves on. They are so clicky!

Thanks to the lack of battery/filters/maintenance of the ATLAS II, the altimeter has a low cost of ownership. Taking advantage of the tactical heritage, the ATLAS II withstands drop tests from 6 feet (1.2 m) with 1000+G and is waterproof up to 6 feet for one hour. The machined metal case is from aircraft aluminum.

The ATLAS II has added logbook features of 200 jumps, a training mode for AFF ground training, and a manual mode for your convenience.

The ATLAS II is menu-driven. Spend time skydiving – not reading manuals!


  • Ruggedized machined aluminum case with reduced edges and corners
  • Improved USB charging and data transfer through waterproof USB-C
  • ECO friendly. Save more than 100 Dollars on single-use batteries over 10 years
  • Raised easy-push clicky buttons with protective case recess
  • Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour


  • Eight alarm groups; Includes both free fall and/or canopy alarms
  • Canopy alarms include approach alarms preceding each selected alarm altitude
  • Canopy alarm volume is adjustable for those who wish to hear alarms from their wrist


  • Logs over 200 jump Profiles and over 2,500 jump Summaries
  • Jump odometer for fast-paced training days
  • Time under canopy and free fall time are logged
  • USB-C for connection to different types of third-party applications.


  • Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format
  • Date can be set to USA or International format
  • Temperature can be displayed in F or C
  • Speed can be displayed in mph or kph
  • LCD may be flipped
  • Menu scrolls and wraps
  • Electroluminescent Backlight


  • Date
  • Time
  • Free Fall Alarm Group
  • Canopy Alarm Group
  • Exit Altitude
  • Canopy Deployment Altitude
  • Free Fall Time
  • Canopy Time
  • Average Speed
  • Speed at four different altitudes
  • Dropzone
  • Aircraft

The adjustable hand mount for the ATLAS II is included. 

Every sport altimeter that leaves Alti-2 production in DeLand, Florida, or in the UK are individually tested in a pressure chamber, including video evidence, before they ship out! Trusting your altimeter should be justified.

2.44” x 1.69” x .47”

1.4 oz (without mount)

-20° C to +60° C

Max Depth (Waterproofing)
6 feet 1 hour

Body Material
Machined Aluminum

Battery Type
Rechargeable Lithium Ion


Manufactured by Alti-2 in DeLand, Florida.

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